How to Succeed in PhD

These are the few tips to know how to succeed in PhD. Every doctoral student should work out on these tips to get success in PhD. Though sometimes success looks very far but you can easily succeed in PhD with dedication and committment in your endeavours as a PhD student.

  • Search for a good PhD Supervisor.
  • Choose the best university that suits you.
  • Be more alert in meeting deadlines.
  • Makeup with Primary & Secondary resources.
  • Learn to be an Introvert.
  • Work smartly using the latest technology.
  • Publish in highly reputed journals.
  • Report to your supervisor each and every update.
  • Try to impress people around you.

If you want to succeed your PhD the first thing that you must do is to choose a right supervisor. If you cannot choose the right supervisor which means you are not in a position to successfully complete your PhD course. PhD may become long. Your success most it depends on how you successfully choose your PhD supervisor from any university that you opt for. Sometimes if your PhD supervisor is too much arrogant, then it becomes a problem for you in the future to proceed successfully with your PhD course. so when you join in any university in the first thing is to inquire about the supervisor and his qualities and his past behavior well. this will allow you to make sure that everything goes on there in your boy three years of PhD course. It is very easy to choose your PhD supervisor.

Opt for a good University

University plays a great role and it gives all the support while doing your PhD course. If the university is not good enough to support you in all directions while doing your PhD course, then it becomes great trouble to you to complete PhD successfully.

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The best way to choose the right University is to ask all the past students about finding IIS University behaved in the past.  usually, students give the right information to you about the university with the experience that they already had in the past while studying their own courses. So opt for a good University to study your PhD course

Choose a new area of Study

Never take those topics which are old enough and those topics which are already taken for consideration why many PhD scholars in the past. My advice is to choose a new area of the topic which is trending now during this year. If you can pick up a new area of study then you will feel more comfortable in finishing your PhD successfully. The one reason is that the reviewers of the journal may not be known as much as that you know because it is a new topic so it is very easy to accept your research paper or your thesis. The other reasons are that you are able to impress all the people around because you have taken a very new topic to research upon and there are very fewer possibilities to do anything negative.

Read more books

Read as much as possible while doing your PhD course. if you do not read more books, you cannot gain knowledge. After reading books, try practising speaking out what you have read. This way you will know how to defend your viva later. Here are some topics for practice to improve. if you don’t have knowledge how about you are going to finish writing your thesis on publishing any research paper. so think once reading pays you more than what you think. Reading will enable you to remember some important points while writing your thesis. Because it brings all the efforts that you have put into reading into practice. This will really bring you to the fruit of success. So read more and more books as the days go by so that you can really bring up successfully on PhD course.

Collect all resources systematically

One of the problems that I have been noticing with PhD scholars is that they do not make all the records of what they have been searching for or what they have been collecting for. Get online dissertation help from a PhD expert. If they do not collect systematically and store it point by point and chapter by chapter then it will be very difficult at the end to really take all those resources and recollect back. If you can store all the resources systematically in some folders, then you can revert them back and make it a source to write a thesis or publish a paper. I have seen many PhD candidates who are not able to check the back all the information from the folders that they have saved because they are confused at the end to really search back. do all the information is available with you but the problem is with the way you saved them in the folder is very confusing.

Co-operate with all  around you

While doing your PhD course, remember that you must cooperate with all the people around you. If you do not cooperate with those people around you, maybe your PhD supervisor or your classmates or anybody around you, then it will be very difficult for succeeding PhD. – professional writers will handle with your thesis. Because they do not co-operate you in any manner if you are in some trouble at a later stage. So try to corporate with everyone whether he is your supervisor or he is an attendee or any other people working in the university, your cooperation is very very important. In this way, they may not misunderstand you and any case of your action.

Publish Papers in time

The one mandatory things while doing your PhD course is to publish your paper. If you do not publish your papers in a year of time, you will be in a problem. Many universities want you to publish papers regularly without missing. If you are not serious with your publishing papers then there is no point to succeed your PhD course. Think about all these terms and conditions of the University. Publish your paper and report the publishing of your papers to your supervisor. There is no one who can stop you if you can publish your paper successfully while doing your Ph.D. I recommend you to publish at least three to four papers in a well reputed journal especially in Scopus indexed journals on any of SCI journals.

Write a thesis beforehand

If you start writing your PhD thesis at the end of your 3rd year then there is no way that you will complete your PhD course. Always try to write your PhD thesis beforehand from your first year itself. If you do this way, you can finish your Ph.D. thesis slowly and successfully. When you come into your 3rd year you will be almost with a great source of your thesis in front of you that will really give you so much satisfaction and so much courage to finish your Ph.D. course. Writing thesis from your first year does not mean you’re right you are there not on but what I mean is there that some points and keep it to write for your PhD thesis from the first year.

Be a good teaching assistant

Teaching assistant means when you join your Ph.D. course at any university, your administration will allow you some teaching assistant duties in order to receive Stipend. These duties will include like teaching undergraduate students any of the subjects related to your area of interest,  and also help your colleagues or faculty members. You need also to go for an invigilation duty according to the timetable given to you. You are also requested to make some arrangements for meetings and give enough help when and where it is required. Whenever you have any Celebration or any conference or any meetings, you need to help them out there by giving your strong hand.

Attend conferences

In order to succeed your PhD course, you need to attend some conferences whether they are International conferences or National conferences, you need to attend them perfectly in time. If you want to attend them nationally in your local area, you can go there and attend by paying some fees. But it is mandatory to attend conferences in many of the universities while doing your PhD course. You need to collect some materials and publish a paper in the conference This means you need to start writing something regarding the theme of the conference and present it over there. You can bring these results to your PhD University and submit there so that you can get some kind of reputation for doing that work and doing one conference at least is the part of your PhD course.

Write a book in free time

If you want to succeed in your PhD course you need to write at least one book in your 3 years of duration. This is not at all a mandatory thing to do in your PhD. But if you can do this and show to your supervisor and publish a book and distribute that book around your University, you will get a lot of reputation and there will be no hurdles in the future regarding your thesis submission. The reason why I tell this is that you can get name and fame around your University which ultimately leads you to finish your PhD without any negative effects. Try to publish at least one book and mentioned you being as the author of that book.

Buy one laptop for Ph.D. studies

Do you know that most of your PhD study is something to do with your laptop? If you do not buy any laptop and just depend on the systems that are available in your university, then it is becoming very difficult at a later stage when you want to write your thesis. When you want to do something creative, you will be feeling very difficult to complete any kind of tasks just if you depend on the system of the University. So make sure that you buy one laptop completely. It may not be a very costly laptop but what I mean by buying a laptop is that you can buy a laptop at a very low configuration. And use it throughout your 3 years of PhD life. If you depend on your system or computers in your university, sometimes they are used by others and you need to keep silent and remain alone without doing anything because others will be using them most of the time.

Watch more videos

Nowadays the trend of doing PhD has been changed when we compare to the old days. Nowadays most of the videos are available online regarding your subject topic or your area of interest. You can go to the YouTube channel and open them and just read or study or watch videos directly or see all the experiments regarding your subject area and get all the knowledge just by watching the videos. This is the latest trend on how you can be very much is successful in your PhD Studies. While watching some videos, make sure that you watch them with interest about any topic and simultaneously also read the books available in the library but don’t forget to watch videos because they give you that direct knowledge because you can see it with your own eyes and learn it.

Take help of Google voice typing

When you write publish research paper it is very important that you need to type and do the things on your laptop. But it is not the same work for every PhD student. So many PhD candidates may not know how to type and it takes a lot of time to type and do the things on the laptop. Google has done a great work by introducing to all of us the greatest solution for this.

Google voice typing is one more best option to just speak out and Google will type all your research paper and it saves you automatically all the time you wish. So what is important here is if you don’t know to type just depend on Google voice typing. If you know typing even then sometimes it may be difficult to put your fingers on the keyboard and just go on typing them. It is difficult so what I suggest you is to use to speak over Google voice type and it will do the whole work. Initially, it may be difficult to get accustomed to the Google voice typing but as the typing goes on automatically you will be improving on that.

Use modern Technology fully

Previously in the old days, it was very difficult to write a thesis or publish your research paper because you need to go to the library and spend hours and hours there and do things up. But nowadays it is not so difficult to browse any topic. You can do it on your own mobile sitting at your home and spending your time on the bed. So it is very easy to use modern technology and get all the knowledge regarding your subject area of interest. Just get your mobile with Google browser Chrome and speak to it or use Google Assistant if you want to get help on how to browse any topic and you will get fast spoken results. So try to use all the modern technology and get through your PhD difficulty levels. There are some online websites like Reddit, Pinterest, and LinkedIn which play a better role the online community forums. You can get help from them too about your PhD topic.

Take help from your Ph.D. colleagues

While doing your PhD it is very important that you need some relationships with your colleagues. If you have good relationships with your friends and colleagues around you, they can much co-operate you very well while doing your PhD course. You can get all the help from them like getting some books or gathering some information regarding your topic or getting proofread of what you have written. So take all the help whatever you can from your PhD friends, students, and candidates. Also, you can approach any professor and faculty staff members who are there available and who can help you out. They are the people who can really help you out genuinely and just believe them and trust them what they are doing to you.

Be aware of the betrayal

There are many cases where we can see some Ph.D. students’ writing work has been copied and published somewhere. So whenever you meet someone do not show them anything the work what you have done there out in your system. Always maintain password to your computer and do not show any of your works unless and until they have been published. If you need any help just ask them directly about the topic but do not show the work that you have been doing till then and you need some help to complete it. There are lots of temptations that can go the way of your friends. Do not even trust your supervisor who wants it to publish for their own selfish growth.

Do not plagiarize

If you think copying some content online and pasting it into your research paper is something very wrong and it is considered to be very rude. So what I can say is that you have to make sure not to copy and paste any information from the internet. The best way to write your research paper is to gather all the ideas from the internet and store them in your pen drive and recreate them with some values and some extra information from your own mind and make it a unique article or research paper. This is how you need to use online resources and not just taking them and using them directly somehow.

Show evidence to all your experiments

When you do any experiments, the very important thing is to show how you prove that with evidence. Without giving sufficient evidence to the experiment that you have done, is not at all a thing of acceptance. So when you develop some experiment in your research paper, make sure that it contains lots of pieces of evidence and follows all the rules of experimenting. To know how to give shreds of evidence you need to do some pre-course work or you just read some research papers which have been published online. Their experiments will show you clearly how they have shown the shreds of evidence for all the work that have done on the table. By looking at them you will get complete Idea on how to give evidence to your experiment.

Never chill out wasting time

There is a good chance of wasting time when you do your PhD course. So be careful not to waste your time here and there roaming and wandering and chatting with your friends. You have to do seriously your PhD course by utilizing all the time which has been given to you by the University. The best way to use your time has just put a timetable for yourself regarding all your commitments and research papers. Sometimes it happens so that in the beginning you are very serious but when you go to the second year level, you will be very lazy enough to do the work or to study. So as you become senior in your PhD course you have to be more seriously involved in whatever you do and especially preparing for your thesis and submitting it in time.

Learn to live a solitary life

When you do your PhD course, it is very common that you feel lonely and being alone. This is the very common thing which happens mostly with PhD candidates. The reason is that you have no 1 along with you to go with. That is you the only reason you feel lonely because you are doing your own research in your area and there is none other than you who can do this so you feel very lonely life. But you need to get accustomed to this way of life and sort it out your loneliness. If you are an extrovert then it becomes too difficult for you to cope up with such kind of personality.

Finish your Pre-Course work

In order to succeed your PhD course, it is very important that you to your pre-course work carefully. This we call sometimes pre PhD course. You do it sincerely by understanding all the concepts and methods of approach to research studies. If you do your pre-course work with lots of interest, you can easily prepare anything in your PhD course. If you pass in the exams of your PhD course, it is not enough but you have to learn them really for your life. We know pre-course work is just mandatory to start PhD. If you do it for the sake of getting through, then it is not in any way becomes useful. So do it with all sincerity.

Set one hour apart every day to write content

Time management is a very crucial thing when you want to get awarded as a PhD scholar. If you do not set an hour a day completely dedicating your time to do some research work, then how can you get it through your Ph.D. after 3 years. So make sure to prepare one set of the timetable which can help you for one hour in a day to write something and especially to prepare for your research paper or to prepare your conference papers or to write for your thesis and viva. In this way, you can simply manage your time and easily get through your Ph.D. course levels.

Accept when your paper gets rejected

I have seen some PhD Scholars getting very much depressed and sad and disappointed when their paper gets rejected by any journal. It is very common that your research paper gets rejected any number of times. But do not worry about what has happened but take the suggestions of the journal and get ready to submit again and again. This is the very common thing that happens with anyone doing PhD.

Think in the mind of the supervisor

When you do your PhD, it is not that you are doing but remember that your supervisor is one of the persons who is also doing your PhD course along with you. Which means if you are not cooperating supervisor with your work, then it becomes very difficult for you to finish your PhD and get through. You must think in the mind of your supervisor to write and present anything related to your Ph.D. Never take easily the suggestions from your supervisor. Work on whatever your supervisor tells you to the hundred percent. Give all your efforts to satisfy your supervisor in every detail of your PhD course.

Take care of your health

If you have good health in mind and body, you are in a position to do your PhD security and actively. If you do not have good health, how can you finish your PhD in 3 years of time

Waste money to buy books

You can easily waste your money to buy books for your PhD course. Never save your money for not buying books and spend on unnecessary things. The everything you spend on buying books related to your Ph.D. course is always a good quality character and is good behavior.

Visit places abroad in real time

This is the very extraordinary things that you can do in your PhD to be really awkward product into a quality PhD competition. If at all you have any chance from the university to sponsor to move abroad and do some Investigation on research in real time, you are very lucky enough to do so.

Grab this opportunity and go abroad and visit places in real time and justify your PhD course with real research. Meet some of the famous people around your research topic and ask them to help you out by showing some good experiments which can be done in the future from your side. I also strongly recommend meeting some famous scientists who are very popular in the world.

You can take their appointment and try to visit them abroad and be with them for at least two or three days so that you can clear all the doubts with him and it will be one of your memories which can be shared throughout your life. So while you visit abroad for your research, you have to find some famous people around you. I probably recommend to prepare everything beforehand, all the plan and just meet them, take their appointment.

This way you can reach the most successful part of your PhD course. Also, do not forget to carry one voice recorder along with you when you meet some famous people.

The reason I changed this is that when you listen to those famous people there are chances that you may forget some important points or it is very difficult to scribble down in your notebook. So if you have a gadget of voice recorder, you can just put it on and simultaneously you can also scribble it down in your notebook all the information which you can get from those famous people.

So do not take it easy and be more confident that you can do something very special on by being alone. Use the technology and use some Gadgets and use a camera to capture some information when you are on special occasions visiting abroad to do some greater things for the sake of your research.

Use Library well

Nowadays it is a very great addition to get all the resources from the internet. We tend to forget that the library can be one of the strongest areas of knowledge if you use it perfectly. So try to use the library as well along with your mobile and the other technology which is at your hand. The library can be one of the best resources to gather and collect information. You can take many books that are printed some years back which are really not available in today Google’s network. So using your library books purposefully and fruitfully is one of the criteria in succeeding Ph.D.  There is no other way than this to check some information from the books available in the library. If there is any possibility ask also the librarian to check for the books that you are not able to find by yourself. Your librarian will do as much help that he can give you the sufficient sources of knowledge and books.

Join in full-time PhD

Lastly, if you want to succeed in your PhD course, you have to do your PhD in a full-time mode with any university. If you do this way you can be successful in just 3 years of time irrespective of whether you do quality research or not. If you join a part-time course there are many negative sides and you have to face them.