how to finish phd quickly

How to Finish PhD Quickly

Follow these top notch tips to finish PhD quickly.

  • Join PhD in full time with a private university.
  • Choose the latest topic of research.
  • Get a supportive PhD supervisor to finish PhD quickly
  • Write at least 5 SCI Journal papers for a quick PhD.
  • Write a perfect thesis in 2 years of time.
  • Show the qualitative work to PhD panel to finish PhD quickly.
  • Apply for a shorter periodic submission of the thesis.
  • Tell the administration about your works frankly.
  • Fulfill all the formalities with the Ph.D. university.

In order to finish your PhD quickly, act as a hero in your PhD. Do whatever your university asks you to do.  Keep your supervisor in your grip. Serve all the other faculty and cooperate with them and assist them in some of the works. Prepare your thesis from the start of the first year of your PhD. Do publish some papers within 2 years of time. Do not postpone the reading and writing activities. Finish your Coursework successfully. The very important thing is to know how long PhD takes at your university. Sometimes PhD duration depends on university norms

Join in Private University and Small University (Not Oxford)

Now know about how to join any university to finish your PhD quickly. When you wish to join any university, just make sure that you join a small University. Usually, a small University will help you to finish your PhD quickly.

If you opt for any big University, you are troubling yourself. But at the same time, you make sure that the university is recognized and eligible. This is very important to make your PhD valuable in the future to get any job. Your career is very important nowadays. For this reason, you are willing to do your PhD. So check for many universities online and come to conclusion at the end.

This is the only way to get your PhD to finish quickly. Be aware of fake universities because nowadays you see many fake universities around. They are trying to cheat you very badly in regards to your PhD. They are ready to offer free PhD and even without going to college.

If you do hard work and publish papers fast, you can easily win a PhD quickly. This is the only way to show your talent and capability to your supervisor.

What happens when you join in part-time PhD course? When you join PhD course from a big University, what happens is that the University may put many conditions where you cannot really complete your PhD.

This is how many times happen. Never prefer doing your PhD in a big and reputed University. The reason is very simple. You will never complete it as fast as you think.

This, in turn, will lead you to a situation where you cannot complete your PhD in a limited number of times. A small reputed University requires PhD students a lot. They need to produce more PhD as time goes on. They want to bring more reputation by producing more PhD awards. So what you can do is just search for a good University which is very good and has a good name in the public.

Another benefit of joining a small University is that you can get all your certificates in time. And also when you want to do your job abroad, it is very easy to get your certificates without any delay. This you must realize and try to join in a small University, this way you can get settled down very fast and finish your PhD course legibly.

Always prefer a full-time Ph.D. (Part-time sucks)

When you do a full-time course the benefits are amazing. The first advantage is that you can finish your PhD early and fast.  With lots of experience, I am saying this. When you do part-time, the worst thing is that you will never do this perfectly and with interest. You may have to lose your PhD in the end. There are many examples of PhD candidates joining the course and just giving up after some time.

They never paid heed to what they are exactly doing and what they suppose to do. This is always the problem with part-time PhD courses. Another problem is that you are already doing some full-time job. At the same time, you are also doing a full-time job. This may cause a great disturbance to your part-time PhD. You cannot do justice to your full-time job.  If you wish to do part-time, then do not do any other job except research.

But this is a rare condition.  So see once for all to finish your PhD in time with only PhD full time. This is a good idea if at all you want to achieve success with your PhD.  Always have a clear understanding of how PhD part-time and full time differs.  They are a great lot of differences between them. These days full-time PhD has a lot of value than a part-time one. So never intend to do PhD in part-time that will suck if you are a little bit disinterested.

Choose a Latest topic in your area of research (gain credibility)

The latest topics will give you more chances to accept your research thesis. Even when you publish some papers, if you choose a good topic you can finish it published fast. If your thesis and research papers are of old topics, and a beaten track by all, it will have less chance to accept. Your thesis also will ask for more depth analysis.  I have taken in my PhD a very latest topic.

This is very fresh and my supervisor gives me all free hands to research.  This is not a beaten bush topic. The advantage is that you will get fewer questions to ask on this topic. No one is so expert in the latest topic. So you can defend easily in your thesis presentation or Viva Voce. How to get your latest topic is very simple.

Just go to Google Trends and there you will find what topics are highly relevant in your area right now. Pick up the relevant topic and a very popular one. I mean by popularity is that is very recently popular. So when you take this topic, you are in safe hands. Your research area can bring you trouble. So if your area is good, then all is good. If your research area is a very old one, you will have to be more careful with good analysis. Your supervisor knows well about old topics.

Opt for a supporting supervisor/guide(not egoistic)

Many PhD students are suffering right now just because of their bad supervisor. There are 3 problems with any supervisor. The first one is he may be very egoistic by nature. Even his family members might have left him or her. So what about you? You can never impress your ego natured supervisor; however good are you in your dealing with him. So choose who can be humble.

Never opt for a supervisor who is too sensitive and introverted. The reason is that he is too much concerned with anything. If someone scolds him, he cannot withstand that humiliation. This is called the sensitive person. So when it comes to you, if you do not complete some tasks given by him, he will never be happy with you. Because he is very sensitive, he will complain about you to the administration.

The third reason is that your supervisor is too aggressive and hot. These people take instant decisions. This will ruin your PhD life in a short time. There may arise some circumstances that all of a sudden, some choice has been taken, and they want to terminate you. You will never understand what is exactly taking place in the mind of the supervisor. In fact, nothing happens it is just a hasty decision.

Be regular to the university/college (do not skip)

If you join in a full-time PhD, you will have to come to college regularly. Otherwise, how can you finish your PhD quickly? You can never do it. Be regular to college. This is the only option to finish your PhD study fast. If you have an appointment outside, try to postpone them. You will get accustomed as the days by. Once you start coming to college, you will feel to come regularly.

While studying your PhD course, Get rid of some enjoyments. For example, if watching movies is your passion, there is a high chance that you bunk your college life. If you have an addiction to drinking, that may also ruin your attendance in the college. So when you have full attendance means you are doing something in the college regarding your PhD course. Naturally, you will finish your PhD quickly.

One more block to come to college regularly is when you fall in love with someone. Love is common. But never move beyond the limit. Your mind is basically occupied with many reasons not to mention here. So check with your mind and how much interested are you in your PhD course. Are you so much so passionate about doing and finishing your PhD quickly? Go ahead now with zeal.

Get a good impression from your supervisor

Your supervisor may be very good. But if you are not good, what happens? It is all waste of time to join a prestigious course like a PhD. So think once before you leap into a PhD. Take some choices that you will be behaving well. If not the behaviour of your supervisor may not give you so much success. No one likes the bad person. Your supervisor to does not like you. He may not like your bad actions.

Another way to get a good impression is to be humble and simple. Do work more. I mean not your PhD but other works like helping out your supervisor in classes, and outside. Try to give some personal help doing little things that a normal person does. This is the first point of an impression to any supervisor. Who cares if you study well and has nothing in the end.  Getting an impression is all.

Another way to get a good impression is to publish more papers than expected. Who is not happy if someone appreciates his scholar for his success?  So try to impress your supervisor by doing things beforehand. It is a very basic principle to finish your PhD very quickly.  The last very important bonus idea is to ‘Never Speak badly about your supervisor anywhere in the college or outside’

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Meet your supervisor a few times a week (build a relation)

Always be in touch with your supervisor. If you are not in touch, he may think that you do like him. So never give such an impression. Never think that you are disturbing your supervisor if you meet him often. This is not a good idea. Nobody thinks in the way you think. Put yourself in the position. If your student comes up to meet you, how do you feel? You feel delighted. So do not give negative thought to meeting your supervisor as much time as you can in a week.

Meeting means not for any person. Your every meeting must be related to your subject.  Ask as many questions as you can and get your doubts clarified. This is the only meeting that I am speaking about. So what I suggest is to frame some 5 questions in a week to ask your supervisor. Be ready with those five questions. Ask one question in a day. That is it. It is very simple.  So just do it.

When you meet your supervisor, you must remember two things: The first is your mouth odour. Smell good in front of your supervisor.  When you ask a question with a bad odour, your supervisor will feel bad in the heart. Dress good and never ask questions at the end of the day. Because you get a lot of sweat and this will also cause bad feeling. Approach your supervisor when you are fresh.

Respect your doctoral committee.(recommendation is strong)

Do not forget that your supervisor is not everything. Your PhD depends on some specially appointed doctoral committee. There are 4 to 5 members involved with you. Respect all of them. Do not speak ill of them anywhere. Try to meet them once in a while and give about your progress. Their recommendation will also work very well for you if something goes wrong. So respect them good.

Another major problem is that most of the PhD scholars do not know their doctoral committee members. How that is possible? You must know your all members and their names and designation. I have seen some of my co-scholars are not able to tell who their doctoral members are. So know them properly. They will help you a lot along with your supervisor.

Be Regular to Doctoral Committee Meetings

You must attend doctoral committee meetings regularly without a skip. A doctoral meeting means it is enlightenment to you. You can complete your PhD quickly by just following the advice given to you. Especially keep in touch with an outside expert guide. He can also pull your PhD to finish fast and quick. Be ready for a doctoral meeting beforehand itself. Make your commitment to attend them.

During the doctoral meeting, bring your sincere work and give a good presentation. You try to show them the amount of hard work that you have been putting in for the last few months since the last doctoral meeting had taken place. So it is your hard work that speaks many things.

Your doctoral committee realizes your hard work. That is well and good. They will promote you and give a good report about your progress from the last meeting. In this way, you have no problem with your PhD delay further.

Publish good research papers faster than usual

In my experience, I found out that scholars wait till the end before they really publish papers. Recently I knew of a PhD scholar whose thesis was put on hold by the doctoral committee. The reason is that he published a single paper to impress. He waited till the last year of his PhD. And now he cannot do it. It takes ample time to publish in a Scopus indexed Journal or SCA journal.

Try to communicate research paper within in the six months of your PhD course. This is just to finish your PhD quickly. This will allow you to be in a relieved position in the third year of your Ph.D. It takes someone year time to publish a paper. If you wait till your third year, then when are you going to publish is a big question. So within the six months of time from your joining date, you must write.

While publishing your journal, make sure to edit fast. Follow all the rules of the journal. Do not skip any rule. This way you can publish paper faster than usual. Guidelines are the backbone of your research paper. Write your abstract well and also your introduction. This is what the editors first go through when they read your research paper. So concentrate in the first year to publish fast.

Always keep a notebook and jot down your ideas

Without a notebook, how will you do your PhD studies? PhD is all about ideas and thought which are new and creative. Always manage one notebook for scribbling your ideas in the best way possible. All these ideas will be very helpful during your PhD thesis and when you prepare synopsis. So always do this before reading something. Make all points in a notebook.  Write everything systematically.

Never misplace your notebook and lose it. Once you lose it, it is not a notebook but you lose all your precious ideas and thought that you have been putting through the years. Do not place your notebook in an unsafe place or give it to your friend. You friend may lose that. You may also land in the problem if you forget your notebook on the bus that you travel. You will never get it back.

When you do something in writing, there is a high number of chances to steal your information from your friends. So be utmost careful. Observe your friends and colleagues. They can act very well in front of you and rob your ideas and thoughts and use for their benefit. Naturally, they try to publish your paper in their name. This is a very sad thing for any Ph.D. Scholar. Even your supervisor does this sometimes. ( stealing your ideas)

Never hire someone to write your paper

Hiring someone to write your paper means you are not in a position to write. This implies that you are not eligible for any PhD studies. So do it on your own. Society expects a lot when you finish your PhD. You need to give something to the public and the students in the future. If you always hire someone, then what is the importance of your personality in obtaining a PhD degree? Never hire.

When you hire someone to do your research paper, it happens so that they hired is not serious in writing your paper. The research may not be so qualitative. PhD research needs a lot of analysis and a foundation of knowledge. Some writers easily cheat you by rewriting some articles. They tend to use some software like article writer. So it is a big deal of risk when you want others to write your paper.

So the best thing is to write on your own. We all know that it is late to write. In the end, it pays off. So writing is always a good task for you to complete. There is a slow and gradual development. You can get success as you go on writing and writing. If you write a research paper, you are more careful not to cross your research guidelines. You will not research unnecessary points and add.

Avoid Plagiarism 100%

This is the main part of your thesis. If you are caught in a plagiarized act, you will be automatically terminated from your PhD. There is a certain amount of plagiarism accepted.  But it should not cross like more than 25% and in some countries, it is less. So any act of copying and pasting directly in your thesis or using any software to write your thesis can be a big danger to your PhD studies.

There are certain aspects that you can consider to get rid of plagiarism. Be hardworking and try to type yourself and research on your own. When checking some sites, you can do it safely just to understand the concept and what others are telling about the concept. You cannot in any way copy the same information that you received on the internet and paste it in your thesis with some modifications. This very act comes under plagiarism.

Sometimes we ourselves do not understand how we are stuck in plagiarism. It means somebody stole your information. There are chances even to happen this way. So try to avoid all kinds of plagiarism acts and this is the only way to complete your PhD at a safe and appropriate time. Once you are caught in the act of plagiarism check, you cannot come back again.

Be Unique and Creative

Your writing must be very unique and creative. The way you do it must be with your own thoughts and ideas. Uniqueness means that what you write is very unique written by yourself and not by anybody in the world. You have written alone yourself. That is why we call it a unique paper. This uniqueness is what makes you eligible to publish the paper in any reputed journal. So this matters.

Another aspect of the article is that you must be creative in delivering your ideas into the research paper. If your ideas are not appropriate and creative, they will not impress others. Publication criteria depend on your creativity. The more creative your paper is the better the chances to publish a paper. So be creative. This is the only best success formula to achieve your PhD doctorate.

The other way around is how to bring unique and creative content? The best way is to remain alone thinking of your subject area. Go to some beach area and think in uniqueness. Go to some mountaintop and think of some creative ideas. Make some experiments on how to bring new results. Be authoritative and creative and unique in every way possible. So uniqueness pays you better.

Organize research stuff in the way you understand

I have seen my PhD colleagues who confuse a lot in organizing content that they gathered and collected. This is the mistake that every PhD scholar does. What is the use of collecting so much information and dumping it in your computer folder? You never know what is in the folder. Suddenly you require some notes about a topic. You get nailed by trying and checking from that stuff.

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The best advice we give to every PhD scholar is to organize stuff in a systematic manner. Divide your folders in a computer into topic-wise. At least have some 50 folders explaining the stuff that is inside your folder. This method of keeping in an organizing way is very important to save yours during your research. If some doubt arises while preparing a thesis, this method will save you a lot.

I suggest you also get hold of references and bibliography. Save all of them in a different folder according to the topic. Tomorrow you must know from which source has the information been collected information. It will be very easy even to frame your thesis with the right bibliography and references. The powerful references will have ultimate value to your thesis. Give more references and your thesis will look wonderful. The lesser references mean you have done less work.

Be ready with synopsis beforehand

Pre Synopsis must be a part of before submitting your thesis. Get ready with pre-synopsis beforehand itself. Your whole thesis depends upon an effective pre synopsis. Prepare a synopsis before it is too late. You will be in a position to make a worthwhile thesis dissertation. Pre synopsis will give you all that you can make of in your thesis.

While you prepare your pre synopsis, you may have little or no experience. But still, try to take careful advice from someone and do the thing done. Keep all the primary sources and secondary sources with you. Gather all the sources and put them together and start writing in a peculiar and specialist way of styling. So you can finish your synopsis very early and be ready to present it to all.

Your synopsis must be also given a clear indication that you will write your thesis extraordinarily well. You will explain to her how clear are you about your thesis. How good are you to write a thesis? And this is the phototype of your thesis. Once you write your thesis, this is the endpoint to start your thesis. The synopsis is meant to write your thesis by building up ideas and plans about it.

Prepare for your thesis from the start

If you want to finish your PhD quickly, you have to do that no one does with the thesis. Start writing your thesis fast and you can finish it fast within a limited amount of time. You start doing your thesis from the first day itself from the date of joining your PhD. But do not tell your supervisor. She may not practically agree to this proposal. “With a little experience, no one writes a thesis,” He says.

What if you realize that writing a thesis is like writing a story? Think that you are directing a movie. If you are a director. You shoot it. As such think that you are the director of your thesis. Do write it from the start of your PhD work. This is the magic formula. Though you may start it with less knowledge, write at least one small paragraph about your research area or topic. Automatically you will become successful in writing your thesis. You will be surprised to see your day to day improvement.

Write from scratch. Learn this writing. This way of writing may be sometimes difficult. Once you are accustomed to doing it, you will. Make and practice writing as your zeal. It will finally give you the best fruit that you will ever expect. Writing takes its own success. The more lines and thoughts you write about your thesis, the better will be your thesis. The future will be better.

Use the Library to your benefit

Nowadays, due to the technology and mobile, the library has been used very little. Whatever the information we want, we access our mobiles for knowledge. But I say most of the information on a website is not up to the mark. A book written officially can give the best results. A book written by the best author can give you a good pick up to start thinking of your PhD research.

If possible, go to some USA Libraries. They are the best ones in the world. The library can reveal some important truths about your subject. The information on the internet is just given from the latest knowledge. You may not get traditional depth knowledge from the internet. So you make a point to use to your best all the library facilities around you.

Go abroad and visit some best of the art libraries. They have some very specific information about your research topic. It can give the best output.  So try using libraries where ever you go. There you can also read some newspapers. They contain current knowledge and updated knowledge. Relate every traditional knowledge with new knowledge and current updated knowledge.

Do relax and not stressed up

Always be relaxed and do not get stressed up. The more you relax, the better your output will be. Do not think that PhD means you have to do it for 3 long years full time and 6 years part-time. Nevertheless, you can do it so easily. Your days can pass swiftly. In the end, you say that you have finished it so fast and you are unable to do things rightly. So relax and bring productivity.

Sleep well and take enough rest during your research. Try to get up early. My recommended time is 4-30 pm. This is the recommended time for you. If you get up early by 5.00 am you can bring productivity to your research. This is the only way to relax. Never spend nights with your mobile browsing and chatting and sleeping late at night. This will also hurt your relaxation and stress will rule over you.

Also, practice some yoga techniques. I do not tell you to do extreme yoga but a kind of breathing technique can be practised. So do everyday yoga to improve your relaxation. This will further boost your brain. So PhD contains heavy brain work. The brain must be well fed with water yoga and some exercises physically.

Never show/reveal your research paper to others

We are too much excited when write your research paper. Never be in such a condition. The mistake is that when you reveal your paper to others and show how good has been written, then there is the possibility of jealousy. This will lead to the stealing of your research paper. There are unknown enemies to you in the college itself who want to degrade you. So they may steal your papers.

Never give your email to anyone around you. Never write passwords anywhere. Check your laptop’s password. Give appropriate passwords to your system. All these measures will help your information to be safe. Once you are negligent with your laptop or a system that will be an end. You cannot revert back to the mistake. Do not trust anyone while pursuing your PhD studies.

Do not share online on Facebook or any other app about your research paper. Keep all your research papers offline. Once it is out, others may take chance to publish them. Be careful and generous in your research. It will benefit you in the later stages. Always have a locker to your study desk. This will help you to remain safe with your research stuff.

Be Obedient to your supervisor

What is being obedient? It means that you have to do whatever your supervisor tells you. It may not be related to a PhD. Sometimes your supervisor may ask you to pull a chair for someone. You must do it. Yet other times your supervisor may tell you to bring some vegetables from the market. Yes, you have to do even this under a circumstance if you want to finish your PhD fast. Do whatever rubbish work your supervisor may tell you. This is the only way to finish your PhD fast and happily.

When you want to obey, you have to get rid of your ego and serve them. Serving them is the best part of your research. Once you serve them you can become anybody’s friend in the college. Service is the best option. It is a great quality for your research. It will bring your enough name and fame. It will bring you success in your PhD studies. Once you are into this service to your supervisor, you will see the victory.

Defend yourself strongly without shyness

Always defend yourselves strongly. In a PhD, it is very important. Don’t think that others will feel bad if you defend. You may hurt them. No, it is not so in PhD. This course demands you to defend and argue positively. But never show your temper when doing this. There goes wrong. You must be in a peaceful state when doing this.

Write a book besides pursuing your PhD

Most of the PhD students never think this. If you want to finish PhD quickly, you have to write a novel or a book other than your area of research. Write from your degree background.  This will bring a good name and fame to society and the college itself. When you write a book, it will be read by your supervisor and others. Imagine if this is real, will anyone reject your thesis being an author for a book.

Follow all the Ph.D. guidelines of your college

Your college has some guidelines or you might have received one rule book. Take that and read what you suppose to fulfil to finish your PhD. Each university or college has its own rule. So if you do not know the rule, you could not finish your PhD. There will be lots of objections to you. So read patiently all the rules when you are free. Many PhD students never read the rules of PhD given to them by the college. Sometimes we find the document on the website itself.

Attend workshops on writing skills

PhD is all about writing your thesis and research papers at the end. If you do not know how to write your ideas and thoughts, then you are a failure. So attend some workshops that are conducted to improve your writing skills. These workshops will give you the talent to write anything practically with the help of your ideas. So writing is what makes your PhD to run successfully.

Hello, My name is Syam, Asst. Professor of English and Mentor for Ph.D. students worldwide. I have worked years to give you these amazing tips to complete your Ph.D. successfully. Having put a lot of efforts means to make your Ph.D. journey easier. Thank you for visiting my Ph.D. blog.