PhD in Germany
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PhD in Germany

This is how you can do PhD in Germany. Write a motivation letter. Get 3 recommendation letters in hand. Hold on masters certificate and other certificates readily. Do either of IELTS, TOEFL, GRE or GMAT. Learn the German Language up to A1 Level. Drop an email to a Ph.D. supervisor from any German University. Choose a […]

Scopus indexed journals English literature and elt
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10 Good Scopus Indexed Journals in English Literature & ELT

Here are my best chosen Scopus Indexed Journals in English Literature and English Language Teaching ( ELT) . College Literature. ELH- English Literary History. English Literary Renaissance. English Literature in Transition 1880-1920. International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature. English Studies in Africa. English Studies in Canada. English Academy Review. English Historical Review. English […]

Conference Presentation Tips
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How to Present at a Conference

These are some ways on how to present at a conference. Arrange your conference presentation LOGICALLY. Make an IMPRESSIVE PowerPoint. Do not DEVIATE the topic. Go through other PREVIOUS Conferences. Research DEEPLY before you embark. Be AUDIBLE in your speech. Practice MOCK conference presentations. SPEAK research oriented stuff. Finish presentation in TIME.   Attending any […]

how to proofread professionally
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How to Proofread Professionally and Quickly with techniques

How to proofread professionally your own thesis or dissertation by using some techniques along with the usage of services online. PhD proofread techniques are easy to master. Look for repetitive words or sentences. Use the Chrome add-on to check for common errors. Restrict using passive voice not more than 30% of a thesis. Check for relevancy […]

PhD literature review
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PhD literature review and how to write it

I have a strategy on how to write a PhD literature review. Prepare Main Research Questions. Keep ready with keywords. Take the advice of the Ph.D. supervisor. Search for good sources. Choose sources with good citations record. Check for relevancy with your title.  Write short notes about every resource. Use helpful tools like “Zotero,” “Mendely.” […]

Why PhD not Dph
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Why Phd not Dph

The strong reason Why PhD not Dph is that they both are different languages. One is Latin ( PhD) and the other is English(DPh).  The word “PhD” we write in Latin and but Pronounce in English. PhD is taken from Latin.  PhD in Latin spelled like Philosophiae Doctor.  Write the word “PhD” in Latin. Pronounce PhD” in English […]

Statement of purpose
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How to Write statement of purpose for PhD

These are some good ways to write your statement of purpose for PhD Mention clearly to whom are you writing. Introduce who you are. Tell how passionate are you. Explain the area of interest. Tell about your Extra Curricular Activities. Tell participation of events. Quote any conferences attended. Mention about your Published Papers. Tell Why […]

How much is PhD earning potential
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How much is PhD Earning Potential?

Salary after PhD is a daunting question. If you want to know exactly how much is PhD earning Potential, read this. PhD in the USA can earn best around 50000 US Dollars. A PhD Scientist can earn up to 100000 Dollars. A PhD Education administrator earning potential is 30000 Dollars. PhD holder, in general, can […]

What Jobs can you get with a PhD
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What Jobs Can You Get With a PhD

Have you wondered what jobs can you get with a PhD. You can: Become a Professor. Become a Lecturer. Become an Education Administrator. Become a Principal of a College. Post Doctoral Opportunities. Be a Scientist. Chief Editor. Tutor and Proof Reader. NASA opportunities. TYPES OF JOBS AVAILABLE FOR A PhD. HOLDER A journey to achieving […]

How To Succeed in PhD
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How To Succeed in a PhD- Tips for new PhD Students

How To Succeed in a PhD- Tips for new PhD Students Search for a good PhD Supervisor. Choose the best university that suits you. Be more alert in meeting deadlines. Makeup with Primary & Secondary resources. Learn to be an Introvert. Work smartly using the latest technology. Publish in highly reputed journals. Report to your […]