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Humorous stories in English are very attractive way of learning and as well as teaching. Read tales of humour and comic. So if you want to improve English with fun, then these stories may help you.

Here is a large collection of Humorous Stories in English with interesting twists at the end.

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Humorous stories in English

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1-The Architect –Humorous Story

An American architect was visiting London. He was on a business trip but he also wanted to see all the famous buildings in London. The American did not have much time so he stopped a taxi and asked the driver to take him to all the old and famous buildings in London, The taxi driver drove him to the Tower of London.” This is the Tower of London. It was a prison in the old days,” he said.

The American looked at the building and said,” It is so small. In America we could build this in a day.” The taxi driver took the American to Westminster Abbey. He said,” This is a famous church. Kings and queens get married here.” The American looked at the old building and said,”Huh. In America we could build this church

in two days,” The driver decided to take the American to a bigger church so he drove him to St Paul’s Cathedral. He stopped outside the church and said,” This is the most famous church in England. The great architect Christopher Wren built this church.” The American got out of the taxi and looked at the church,” Huh, In America we could build this church in three days.” he said.

Next the driver took the American to the Houses of Parliament.” This is where British politicians meet. “Huh.” the American said. “We could build this in four days.” The driver drove past Buckingham Palace, the home of Queen Elizabeth. As the taxi passed the palace, the American said, “Hey. What is this big and beautiful building” The taxi driver looked at the palace and said,

Tales of Humour Part 1


2-Boys and Girls

Amanda Gardener was eighteen. Her parents decided to have her birthday party in a hotel. About two hundred people came to the party. An old woman was staying in the hotel. She heard the music and came into the party room. The young boys and girls were dancing in the middle of the room. The old lady sat down, and watched. Then she said, “When I was young, parties were different.

It was very easy to tell who was a boy and who was a girl. Today it’s very difficult to tell who is a boy and who is a girl.” The person sitting next to her said nothing. The old lady continued, “When I was young, oys wore trousers and girls wore dresses. Look at that girl over there. She’s wearing boy’s jeans”. The person sitting next to her said nothing. The old lady continued,” When I was young, boys had short hair and girls had long hair, so it was very easy to tell who was a boy and who was a girl.

That girl’s hair is very short. It’s a boy’s haircut.” The person sitting next to her said nothing. Then the old lady said, “Do you think she is a boy or a girl? It is very difficult to tell, isn’t it?” The person sitting next to her said,” No. It is very easy for me because that girl is my daughter.” The old lady was very embarrassed and she said, “Oh dear, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were her father.” The person sitting next to her replied,


Funny joke humorous stories in English

3-The Crying Child

One Sunday a young father was walking through the park. He was pushing a pram. There was a very young baby in the pram and it was crying loudly. The young father said softly,” Take it easy, Martin. Keep calm, Martin. Control yourself, Martin.” The young rather walked on but the child cried louder. The father stopped and took a Teddy bear out of a bag. He gave it to the child.

He said softly,” Take it easy, Martin. Keep calm, Martin. Control yourself. Martin. “The young father started

to push the pram again. After a few minutes the child began to cry. It cried louder and longer. The father put his hand into his pocket and took out some chocolate. He gave a piece to the child and said softly, “Take It easy, Martin, Keep calm, Martin. Control yourself. Martin.” The young father walked on. Three minutes later the child started to cry. It cried louder and louder and louder. The father took the baby out of the pram and held it in his arms. He said softly.” Take it easy, Martin.

Keep calm, Martin. Control yourself, Martin.” The child did not stop crying. It cried louder and louder. An old woman was watching the father. She walked across to the young father and she smiled. She said, “You are doing very well, young man. You talk to the child with a calm and quiet voice.” The old woman looked at the child and said, “What’s wrong, Martin. Why are you crying?” The father said quickly

Tales of Humour Part 1


joke stories


1-The Architect
I don’t know. It wasn’t there this morning.

2-Boys and Girls
I’m not her father. I’m her mother.

3-The Crying Child
I’m Martin. The baby’s name is Paul.

Other Alternatives for Minor Humorous Stories

Humorous Stories with a moral are those stories which will make us morally active. These will give us enough good behaviour. It will help us form good character.

It will serve for the betterment of the human society. So sometimes learning these types of moral story also important but with good humor.

Humorous Stories Wikipedia is available online. If you can also use them in your day to day life, then you will benefit a lot out of those stories too. Make sure you do it perfectly. Wikipedia story is a largest database filled with great humor. You can spend whole day reading all the humor.

Humorous Stories for High School Students. These ones are just applicable for school going children. It will give them an idea how to live their future. Learning with fun is important any where. So a teacher can use these stories for high school students. So that they listen to you with interest. It is our duty to listen to them and teach them such stories.

So use some pictures also to narrate. Humorous Stories PDF  is also a great source on how you can really pick up your humor.There are many pdf available on google play store. You can catch one and spend day laughing and enjoying life.

Humorous Stories in English with Pictures also help students to think. Images speak a lot than words. A humor based image will create all knowledge that they really require.

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