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Assistance to Publish Paper

Now a days, it is quite tough to publish your research paper in time. We assist you personally to publish your research paper or an article in a reputed UGC approved & Peer Reviewed Journal with some genuine contacts that we have in the field with hundreds of reputed journals publications and editors of those journals.

Acceptance of Your Research Paper in just 48 hours

You don’t need to run behind so many and wait for many months to get your research paper accepted to a journal. PhDstudytips could help to solve your research paper’s publishing difficulties and get your paper accepted in just 48 hours with the way of recommendation and support that we extend towards your paper.

Publish Your Research Paper in just 19 Days

We help your paper get published in a peer reviewed and UGC approved journal in just 10 to 19 days. This is our quality assistance than any one in the field. We are very transparent in our services. There are not hidden fee whatsoever. Now you are in our hands, you do not need to worry about the quality of the paper. We edit your paper to bring the quality and reach the standards to undergo safe peer reviewing and double blind review. Your hard work of doing research will never go in vain.

Supply of the Hard Copy Book in just 60 Days

Get the published book of your research paper’s hard copy in just 47 to 60 days. We will assist you in your research publication in every step till you are in complete position to drop in your resume about your publication confidently. So trust us and get in touch with us without any delay.

Email us your research paper and pay the processing charges to us and we will do the rest. We will proofread you full research paper and add some quality content if needed and submit to the indexed journals of high quality. In this way you will boost your research career.

Express and Fast track Publication in just 7 Days

Do you want to publish your research paper in express mode. With some extra payment, you will get this service as an urgent priority level. Just talk to us about this and we keep aside all other things and concentrate exclusively on your paper and get it published in just 4 to 7 days and not more than this.

We are transparent in telling about our journals: Here are 2 journals that we are currently dealing with to bring quality research papers in line.

Anonymous Journal ( English Literature and ELT based UGC approved reputed Journal)

This journal is based on International English Literature or ELT related research papers. This is UGC approved journal. This means you are eligible for all incentives once you get your paper published in this journal. The acceptance rate is high and I will help you out to get your paper published in this reputed and good impact factor journal.

Anonymous Journal ( For engineering, management – multidisciplinary UGC approved Journal)

This is a quality and reputed journal. You can publish your paper easily here with a kind of reputation it has in the field of engineering and management. This journal has emerged as a multidisciplinary journal in every way.

Fee Details: 3500 inr including of all taxes ( no hidden fee)

Do you have some doubts? Just Contact us for more idea about our services of your paper publication.