PhD Distance Learning
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What is PhD Distance Learning

To know What is PhD distance learning looks like. Be at home and study PhD. No regular attendance is required. Study PhD from any part of the world. Choose your own time to finish PhD. Do research on your own with little or no assistance. Opt for the University that you have never seen. provide […]

How to Start PhD Study
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How to a Start PhD Study

Follow this tips on how to start a PhD study. Start early without wasting time. See for any PhD notifications around. Keep some money to send the application. Fill out the application form online. Send application to the department. Wait for a call to write an entrance exam. Face a PhD interview. Get Conditional Offer […]

PhD interview
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15 preparation tips to face PhD Interview Presentation

PhD interview presentation and how to face Ph.D. interview questions are the main steps to get admission. First of all Greet all the doctoral members. Speak Confidently about your research area. Be bold to answer questions about research. Look into the eyes of the doctoral panel during an interview. Think you are a scholar and pretend that […]

Funding PhD
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What is PhD Funding what does PhD funding cover?

What is Ph.D. funding Ph.D. funding is a type of scholarship during or after Ph.D. Universities or agencies that are outside offer Ph.D. funding. Ph.D. funding is given to meet the expenses of research. Funding is given as per the rules of university and government. Full funding is one type of scholarship. Competitive funding is […]

Crack PhD entrance exam
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How to Prepare for PhD Entrance Exam in Your Subject.

I am giving excellent tips on how to prepare Ph.D. entrance exam in your subject and crack Ph.D. entrance exam. Prepare the syllabus prior to 3 months. Follow a typical timetable to finish the syllabus. Read more books pertaining to the syllabus. Attend mock tests online. Prepare previous question papers on PhD Discuss with your […]

PhD in Psychology
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What are the Requirements For PhD in Psychology?

These are the basic requirements and eligibility and salary options for Ph.D. in Psychology. It takes 3 to 5 years of hard work to finish. You need a Masters in Psychology. Get Ready with a Research Topic. Interest in Psychology methods. Deep analytical mind. Right Approach towards Personality. Mindfulness Approach. Good Percentage throughout academics. Successful […]

Difficult PhD
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Why&How PhD is so Difficult and tough?

To know Why&How PhD is so Difficult and tough? , you must check these challenges in PhD. Lack of support from PhD supervisor. Mental stress while doing PhD. No time for personal life. Highly routine and monotonous life. Depression rules you for overthinking. Not able to participate in outdoor activities. Finding difficulty to read books. […]

Types of PhD
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What are the types of PhD?

Know now what are the types of PhD. University PhD which is done in full-time mode. Honorary PhD awarded for noteworthy contribution. Distance PhD that can be done in distance mode. Bravery PhD is awarded for a bravery act. Part Time PhD is a regular mode of PhD. How do these types of Ph.D. look […]

Viva Presentation tips
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Viva Presentation Tips to Pass During PhD Viva Voce Oral Defense.

Viva Presentation tips to pass viva voce. Here is some advice for the oral defense to pass Ph.D. Remember it is Oral( Talk loud) Audibility is the secret for viva success Present Confidently your Viva Do not stammer while defending Learn how to make strong eye contact while defending viva Keep ready some ready-made answers before doing viva Use […]

PhD Faqs
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Top 50 PhD Related FAQ’s ( Answered) About PhD Course

These are the top 50 Frequently asked questions about Ph.D. course. What does PhD stand for? A PhD. stands for a “Doctor of Philosophy,” and it is the highest level of academic degree acquirable in institutions of higher learning. In most countries, a PhD. can only be awarded by universities. It is also known as D […]