Tips to write a  Statement of Purpose (SOP) while applying to PhD

Tips to write a Statement of Purpose (SOP) while applying to PhD

These are some good ways to write your statement of purpose for PhD

  • Mention clearly to whom are you writing.
  • Introduce who you are.
  • Tell how passionate are you.
  • Explain the area of interest.
  • Tell about your Extra Curricular Activities.
  • Tell participation of events.
  • Quote any conferences attended.
  • Mention about your Published Papers.
  • Tell Why do you want to apply to that university.
  • Mention clearly to who are you writing

You have to clearly mention in your PhD application letter, when writing makes sure, that to whom you are writing and mention their names and addresses clearly.

Otherwise, we don’t know exactly to whom are you writing. And the university administration also clearly understands that you have no knowledge about how to prepare PhD application letter.

This will bring all together a bad impression to you that which is not acceptable.

  • Introduce who you are

Secondly, introduce who you are. Why are you doing your PhD and from where are you exactly located?

Tell about yourself clearly and showcase your talent and possibilities of doing research in the future. Give an impression that you are eligible to continue your research work with all worthiness.

Your self-introduction will play a key role because it may impress in the beginning and so you are in a position to get admission very easily.

If you do not introduce properly, then they may not really agree with you. University Authorities do not know exactly what your talents are like.

  • Tell how passionate are you

You must tell how passionate are you while doing Ph.D. research. If you are not able to tell how passionate are you then how can the administration realize that you are really intelligent and passionate to do in the Future all the PhD related Coursework or research? So your passion Speaks a lot while writing PhD application letter.

  • Explain the area of interest

The area of interest is one of the crucial points while writing a Ph.D. application letter.

I tell this because your area of interest could really impress if that is very much related to the trending topic.

So while preparing your area of interest, kindly choose those areas which are trending in the present generation.

This will really put you in greater competition among others who apply along with you.

  • Tell about  your Extra Curricular Activities

You must also mention how good are you at another activity. Extracurricular activities are one of the impressive points in your application letter.

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If you clearly tell in which activities are you good at, maybe it being an outdoor activity or indoor activities, you mention all the prizes and awards that you have received regarding your outdoor or indoor activities.

Your extracurricular activities are one of the strongest points when the administration tries to consider to whom admission must be given.

  • Tell participation of events

If at all you have participated in any activities that are held in the society, you have to also tell that.

You might have participated in some educational campaigns on behalf of the government.

You might have undertaken some important educational activities to help society. You might have helped the poor in the process of giving education freely.

These things will surely consider your admission. If there are any certificate given to you regarding your societal activities, then you can submit those certificates which will bring much closer to get admission into the Ph.D. course.

  • Quote any conferences attended

Before doing Ph.D. itself, you must have attended some conferences nationally or internationally. So take time to mention those names of the conferences clearly.

This type of conferences is very powerful. If the university sees that you have already attended some important conferences, your admission is 100% sure to get.

  • Mention about your Published Papers

If at all you have published any research papers in reputed journals, also mention those papers clearly.

This is the most powerful among all the points that I have been telling you today. Who does not want to give admission with a kind of publishing experience? So think clearly.

This may not be possible for you to publish papers and apply for Ph.D. but if at all you have any published papers either in normal journals or reputed journals, take a chance to mention those things.

You have to realize this before mention without forgetting. You will stand first in the competition of attaining your Ph.D. admission. You can make your Ph.D. application letter stand out there.

  • Tell Why do you want to apply to that university

Most of the times the one question that University asks is why do you want to apply to our university?

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So you must be ready to answer this question. What is the difference between the other university that you do not want to join and this university that you want to join?

This is the difference that you must clearly mention in your application letter. Probably you can tell about the achievements of the university and the benefits of joining in that particular University.

  • Be clear and concise

While writing your Ph.D. application letter, try to be clear and concise and short. Use most of the sentences in a simpler way. Use shorter sentences. Use clear sentences.

Do not use passive voice so much. Use active voice and make sure that whatever you write, check with for complete grammar mistakes and check for any other sentence formation mistakes and check for Tense consistency levels throughout the application letter.

If you are not able to do this, give to an English teacher who can proofread your application letter once and twice before sending it to the university.

  • Be truthful to all that you write on the application

Most of the times I have seen Ph.D. aspirants giving wrong information to the University administration.

This is not at all correct. Be careful not to mention false acclamation.  Anyhow you need to prove them when the time comes. If you are not able to prove after some days of your application process, your time gets wasted once you get rejected from the admission process.

So make sure whatever you tell or write or mention in the application letter, it must be very genuine and truthful to the cause for which you are applying for.

  • Never apply after the deadline given

There is always a deadline before you send your application to any university.

Do not miss the deadline. Once you miss the deadline and even then you send your application letter to the university, they will not accept you.

You may waste your time waiting for their reply but you never get apply from that side for having been lately applied.

So make sure that you apply to the university within the deadline that they have given in the notification.

  • Use the good dignified font style

When you write a letter don’t use too big letters or too small letters. Use a good font. The best font could be times new Roman. Make the size into 12.

  • Do not use rude words

Check the words that you use in your application letter.  never used to ridiculous words that will allow the administration to misunderstand what you have written.

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I have seen much time that some are writing wrong words during the letter writing. These words may be not apt and correct. You cannot use some words where they are not applicable.

If you struggle with language problems. Get it done with any language expert who can assist you.

Try reading some sample application letters which are available online. These letters are so useful and will give you an idea on how to write PhD application letter easily.

You can also use some tools that are available online which can check easily for any mistakes or using words wrongly.  These tools are very smart and can catch your wrong work and correct them.

  • Express your long-term goals

Always mention what are your long-term goals and what you want to achieve by doing this PhD course with University.

If you mention the long-term goals that will be a great benefit to you to understand clearly what you exactly want to become in the future with the PhD admission.

When you mention your long-term goals you are very clear to get admission.

The university will surely understand your sincerity. They will be impressed with your letter and the goals that you have mentioned.

If they feel it is quite genuine, they will give admission and your PhD application will be highly successful.