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I am Syam Prasad Reddy. This site is a very helpful site to all the research scholars. We allow cookies for safe. We use google adsense to deliver right ads on to help our customers to find more information about PhD. We also use double dart cookies to provide safe business.  Google is our partner all the time. We do not entertain other partners on our website


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We sell our ad space to universities and college who run PhD course. This is to support our website. But our main intention is to support all our customers and PhD aspiring students and candidates. We also want to help all research scholars. Our aim is to bring value to the society. We do not seek profit and we do clutter our website with too many ads. We are always in tune with all our visitors.

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All the information given on is well researched from our side. But we do not ask you to follow unless you decide by your intuition. We are not responsible for any of the negative effects by following our advice. Though we tried our best to give best advice on PhD studies, your discretion is very much important.