Scopus Indexed Journals in English Literature & ELT

Scopus indexed journals English literature and elt

Here are my 10 good Scopus Indexed Journals in English Literature and English Language Teaching ( ELT) .

  • College Literature.
  • ELH- English Literary History.
  • English Literary Renaissance.
  • English Literature in Transition 1880-1920.
  • International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature.
  • English Studies in Africa.
  • English Studies in Canada.
  • English Academy Review.
  • English Historical Review.

English Studies in Canada

The English studies in Canada is an open journal system in Canada that houses several Scopus indexed journals written in English Literature. This is an archive that houses issues dated back in the 90’s. accessing any issue published in this journal is very easy though it has some restrictions such as the six-month moving wall.

Having a legacy of publishing and archiving special issues on the concerns that face the community makes this journal t be reliable for most of the researchers and scholars.

This is one of the highly visited places with an average of 6.6 minutes download from over 95 countries. Scholars who are working on various articles and issues are also encouraged to publish them on the platform.

International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature

International Scopus Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature is one of the prominent journals that is known to publish conceptual frames works, case studies, technical notes, empirical research not leaving out review papers and original papers.

It the best journal platform that you can consider especially when specializing in the following fields; linguistics, culture could with language, literature, translation, and interpretation etc. he open access policy that the journal operates on is meant to provide researchers with access to knowledge content during their time of research.

The LOCKSS System technology is what the journals use for archiving purposes. The journal is open to authors who would also like to publish their research papers as long as you can adhere to the policies that are involved in the publishing of the research paper.

ELH- English Literary History

ELH- English Literary History has established itself since 1934 as a journal platform for superior studies that contain the perfect works For English and American literature.

The ELH- English Literary History publishes articles, research works and research papers from the authors with a lot of due diligence. The authors are required to come up with an intelligent way of mixing historical and critical concerns which have o be theoretical too.

For those who would like to publish their articles and research paper in a journal that is Scopus indexed, then this could be a good attempt. There are deep polices that you have to follow. You can check in the site for the policies.

English Literary Renaissance

English Literary Renaissance is a prolific digital library that is preferred by scholars and researchers. Most of the students also recommend this platform for research purpose for their essay.

The platform provides access to over  12 million academic journals and research papers not leaving out books. The lower costs and increased shelf space makes this the best destination for researchers for research purposes.

The privacy policies in his journals will always guide you on making the right path towards getting the right journal for your research purposes.

The journal also invites for scholars and researchers to publish their research articles and research papers. You have to follow the guidelines that are recommended for your research work to be posted.

English Literature in Transition 1880-1920

The subject category of the English Literature in Transition 1880-1920 is basically under arts and Humanities where they deal with literature and literary theory.

The other category of subject that you can get under this journal includes social sickness and cultural studies. Having a large audience of scholars worldwide and the general readers makes this journal to be one of the effective journals in English and literature disciplines.

As a new audience on English Literature in Transition 1880-1920 you can read the Scopus journals online at the same time you can print the journal to use then for future use.

English Studies in Africa

The English Studies in Africa was established way back in 1958 to serve the purpose of publishing the major critical interventions in literary studies. It has major grassroots in the University of the Witwatersrand.

It has a diverse range of theoretical perspectives and cultural materialism which shows some of the challenges that the editors of this journal has faced.

If you have a research that is theoretically sophisticated and thoroughly argued then be of sure diligence that it will be published in this journal.

Various publishers have worked on the several Scopus indexed editions that have been published and this includes the likes of UNISA Press from South Africa and Taylor and Francis way back in 2009.

English Text Construction

The English text construction is a knowledge versatile knowledge whose work was done by a publisher called Jon Benjamins.

The subject that the journal focuses on is the text construction across the 3 disciplines of English i.e Literary studies, applied linguistics lastly linguistics. In the journal, you will also come across various scientific articles, book reviews, and research papers.

It’s very easy to use the website platform cause of the easy navigation and guidelines provided so that you can easily access the research resource you are looking for.

For those who would wish to publish their articles this is an open portal that advocated for your work as long as you follow the stringent rules that they have for publishing with Scopus.

European Journal of English Studies

The European Journal of English Studies journal was authored European Society for the study of English and later published by Abingdon: Routledge.

The journal contains a hundred or research work done on the history of various European nations. As the other journals when you are submitting your research work you have to ensure that the research work os a historical and theoretical not forgetting on having a thorough basis of arguing.

The European Journal of English Studies invites for those with historical research work and other book reviews and would like their work to be published.

As long as your essay or research work meets the critical interventions and its scholarly substantial across all disciplines then you have a great room in this journal for your research paper work to be published easily.

IUP Journal of English Studies

The IUP Journal of English Studies has about 24 issues and over 246 articles making it a perfect place for scholars in English literature and linguistics to come and carry out their research. It is also helpful in knowing the ways of choosing a research topics in literature.

In addition to that, the journal platform accepts submission of articles as long as their articles meet their criteria. Having an incredible navigation website helps those who are new to their site to submit their articles for publishing.

For those who would like to use the journal for the purpose of research, the simple and systematic navigation system allows you to easily gain access to all the content that you are looking for.

Teaching English with Technology

Listed among the top in the open access journals is not a surprise cause the Teaching English with Technology is deemed to be one f the highly sorted journals on the online platform based upon the latest research.

The ultimate aim of this journal is disseminated on how technology can be used in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of other languages).

Teaching English with Technology accepts submissions that are more keyed on how technology can be used in the teaching of languages. Your work needs to be through;y researched and theoretically, ad practically argued.

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