Humorous stories

Tales of Humour Part 1

The below tales of humour are from my own mind and writing style. My passion is to write different tales of humor. These stories are quite interesting to read and tell to your colleagues. If you are a teacher in a school or a parent having children around you, these humorous stories can help you to bring comic mindset. Just take time to tell them this funny stories, Boys and school students and kids do like such fun way of telling some thing.

Carriage Box in School

Once there lived a school boy who wanted  a lunch box with chicken inside of it. But mom told not to have it in front  of the school children that way.

But the boy was adamant to carry chicken fry and eat in the school during lunch.

Mommy then prepared chicken and placed it into the lunch box. Then the lunch time has arrived  and the school boy tries to open the lunch box and there the boy listens to a sound that is strange.

When the boy completely opened the carriage box, he saw a chicken flying like a kite. It jumped on the boy and started making a sound of  a chicken.

All the other school children gathered round him and played with the doll. All appreciated how the chicken doll could make original sound of a chick.

Then the school boy never asked his mommy to keep chicken fry for the lunch box….. ha ha ha…..

Intelligent man buying a land

Once an illiterate man from India went to Paris for buying a land and settle down happily in life. As he was around the Eiffel tower, a person approached him to sell his land.

Indian is very happy for the sudden opportunity that the man has offered. Indian asked about the details of the land.

The French man replied by showing the Eiffel tower that the land where the tower is standing.

Indian was amazed with that. He asked ” are you selling Eiffel tower to me?” The French replied “Yes it is mine.” Then the Indian instantly took out money and bought the Eiffel tower. The French man left.

Later, the Indian is sitting over there in front of the Eiffel tower and claiming that the tower is his own. All laughed at him humorously and told that he was abnormal with the behavior.

Now, police entered into the scene and asked the India to vacate the place but in vain. All took it humorous and funny.

But at the end, the Indian started showing the whole video of what exactly happened with the French man who cheated him badly.

Indian cleverly recorded every conversation through a secret camera.

Now that the evidence is strong towards the French man, Police took immediate action and at the end , the Indian left Paris and came back to India. ha ha ha……

The hanging ceiling fan

There once live a hostel warden with 15 students inside residing for a year. On one fine day, students requested the hostel warden to show a movie for entertainment. But the hostel warden replied funnily, saying what could fetch out of watching silly movies.

Humorous Stories in English;Tales of Humour

Students requested for the same twice but in vain. At the last, hostel warden agreed to show television in some other way. All are allowed only to watch English news only and not any movie. Students are frustrated with the situation and kept quite.

But the hostel warden goes into TV hall secretly everyday and watch movies hours and hours. Students know it very well that the warden is just a man of words and not of action. So the students on one fine day went into the Tv hall and loosened the bolts of the ceiling fan under which the hotel warden sits.

One one fine Tuesday, warden enters into TV hall to watch movies. He sits alone under the ceiling fan after switching it on. Then it so happens that the the hanging fan falls on warden’s head straightly. The fan sits of warden’s head directly hitting him hard. He is rushed to to hospital.

Later, the warden realizes that this is the punishment he got for not allowing students to watch TV and sometime movies. So he now allows all students to watch movies once on Sundays.. Student laughed and all are filled with humor.. ha ha ha ….

Go One Step Further

A sweeper working in a cinema theater was very punctual, regular, and committed to his duties. He would not just perform these duties, but would also look after the security of the theater.

Very often, he would be asked by the manager and the assistant manager to take over their duties, and they would often take leave from work.

This sweeper conducted their duties equally well, and never once cribbed about the additional work he had to do.

Once, the owner of the theater came in for a surprise check and inquired ab out the upkeep of the theater when the manager and the assistant manager were not around. The sweeper replied…

Humorous Questions

  1. What was the sweeper’s humorous reply?
  2. What is the implication of this humorous story?

Humorous Answers

“I do, Sir”, the sweeper replied. Hearing his answer, the sweeper was instantly made the new manger of the theater.

The world needs go-getter- people who produce results. When you produce results you get accepted by society, irrespective of your caste, creed, color and even your qualifications.

The world is looking for the man of devotion and commitment. Be committed to what you are expected to do, and go one step forward to do some extra work to become more successful in your life.

Learning and Wisdom

A company once recruited two employees, equally competent and intelligent but from different backgrounds.

While employee A was stylish, confident, and ha graduated from the country’s best institution, employee B was always considered the wiser of the two and often given better opportunities.

Employee A was upset and asked the President of the company why he was considered less wise when he was definitely more learned than B The President’s answer made A understand the real perspective of life.

Humorous Questions

  • What was the President’s answer?
  • What is the implication of this story?
Humorous Stories in English;Tales of Humour

Humorous Answers

Acquiring knowledge by reading books and listening to lectures is passive and external.

This is only borrowed stuff. “Reading the book that is you” involves the process of thinking imagining, visualizing, deciding, etc.

These processes are active and internal.

They are original and creative. The world has been able to make scientific and technological progress only through the efforts of the people who could visualize and imagine.