Why Phd is not called as Dph. Know how Latin influenced PhD

Why Phd is not called as Dph. Know how Latin influenced PhD

The strong reason Why PhD not Dph is that they both are different languages. One is Latin ( PhD) and the other is English(DPh).  The word “PhD” we write in Latin and but Pronounce in English.

  • PhD is taken from Latin. 
  • PhD in Latin spelled like Philosophiae Doctor. 
  • Write the word “PhD” in Latin.
  • Pronounce PhD” in English as Doctor of Philosophy.
  • 2 sets of languages used in PhD
  • In Latin there is no rule of order. 
  • Dph is not widely used though it is correct.
  • PhD is officially recognized by Oxford Dictionary
  • PhD is a very age old word

What does PhD stand for in Latin

The term PhD stand for Philosophiae Doctor in Latin for the last few thousand years.

Look here what wikipedia says about PhD

We can pronounce in any way whether in Latin or English. Usually the word PhD is a very age old word that we have been using for generations with out any change. For this reason, we sometimes do not any development. Because some words are exclusively used by scholars through out generations. That is why they do not change. If some others who are not educated use this word, then there are chances that they may pronounce the word PhD wrongly and in the longer run, it takes another shape.

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why doctor of philosophy is called PhD

Because it is the shortest form . We speak in Latin but write in English.

PhD degree meaning

It is the highest degree after masters. It means scientist. You can become an expert in any field with Phd

PhD definition

It is defined as Doctor of Philosophy

PhD degree requirements

Masters in any discipline

PhD abbreviation

Doctor of Philosophy

PhD stands for

It stands for Doctor of Philosophy in certain subject

doctoral vs doctorate

Doctoral is an adjective and Doctorate is a  noun. They both mean same.

For example: He did his doctoral studies.

The same sentence can be said as ” He is a doctorate”

what does PhD stand for

It is as same doctor of philosophy